Are you signed and you have a list of songs you want to propose to your label?
Or are you in the process of recording an album but are unsure which song to choose from your list, or which songs your audience will BUY and like the most?

If you're an aspiring artist, singer, band or songwriter, it's important for your demos to be a good representation of your talent. Otherwise, the song may not get the attention it deserves.

Imagine that I were your producer. What would a producer do? I would evaluate all the songs, choose the potential hits among them, and suggest the singles and the album’s track sequence.

I would then start to work on each single songs – one by one – with suggestions on structure, length, and composition in order to make the album as more appealing as possible.

Submit your demo to me and I'll critique it.

You can submit your demo to me for feedback and take advantage of my advice before going into final production and in time to apply all my suggestions to make your song a hit.

Let me know (by writing me a message) if you’re looking for focus on any specific areas (i.e., arrangement, songwriting, mix, etc...) and I will be glad to give you my critique based on your needs.


1) Please contact me at

2) I will give you instructions on how to send me an mp3 file of the song.

3) Let me know if you are looking for focus on any specific areas.

4) After my confirmation that I will accept the critique you will make your payment through Paypal, Credit card or Bank money wire transfer.

5) As soon as I will receive your payment I will advise you.

6) I will deliver the feedback to you in .docx format to an email address you will provide.

Any question? Please write me at:


The fee for this consulting is 40 Euros per song.

Apply NOW by writing me at: