Have you ever found yourself working on a song, laying down some great lead vocals and suddenly you feel you need some more of that vocal harmony arrangement to give it that push you hear in your favorite hits?

Galeazzo Frudua is recognized worldwide as one of the maximum experts in the Beatles Vocal Harmony arrangements and in the creation of effective vocal harmony arrangements that perfectly fits your original songs and lead vocals.

Unless you’re one of those gifted musicians who seem to be able to knockout a vocal harmony from nowhere, creating a vocal harmony arrangement to enrich your music may have led you to the point where things got ugly.

Here is where Galeazzo Frudua comes in: send Frudua your song and he will create a vocal harmony arrangement that will make your audience jump on the chairs. Receive all single vocals in MP3 format and reproduce them yourself in your tune.


* Please contact me at info@fruduamusic.com

* Send me one MP3 file of the song you want the vocal harmony arrangement to be created.

* I’ll review the song and come back to you with a confirmation that I can work on it and a price quotation (starting from 80 Euros). I will also provide an estimated deadline for the files to be delivered.

* After your confirmation I will wait for your payment through Paypal, credit card or bank money wire transfer.

* As soon as I receive your payment I will advise you.

* The harmony tracks I will create will be sent to you in MP3 format, one MP3 for each separate harmony. You will then be able to copy each vocal lines of the arrangement in your DAW project.

Any question? Please write me at: info@fruduamusic.com


The cost starts from 80 euro up. Please contact me to get a quotation! Apply NOW by writing me at: info@fruduamusic.com

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