This is only if you are serious. I offer professional consulting in the following areas:

I am offering a 30-minute phone chat with me. We can talk about any music-related topic:

* Gear I use and how I use it
* My recording tips and tricks
* Listening to your songs
* Talking about my video marketing techniques
* Music career advice
* Recording, mixing tips and tricks
* Production and songwriting
* Talking about my Beatles videos
* Talking about my video marketing techniques
* Discussing any questions or suggestions


1) Have a one-on-one phone meeting with Frudua. The cost of the 30-minute one-on-one phone chat with me is 90 Euros.

2) Please contact me at

3) After my confirmation that I will accept the chat you will make your payment through Paypal, Credit card or Bank money wire transfer.

4) As soon as I will receive your payment I will advise you and we will fix a Facetime or Skype appointment for the conference.

Any question? Please write me at:

Let's talk if you want career advice, questions about production, mixing, engineering, what gear I like, or really, anything relating to music.